Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Team does an excellent job of caring for our Pastors and special guests in the following areas:

  • Coordination of travel arrangements and welcome baskets for ministering guests
  • Preparation/Coordination of hospitality meals for visiting pastors
  • Planning and execution of annual church-wide events to honor our Pastors (i.e. pastoral anniversary banquet)

If you are planning an out-of-town visit to Church on the Rock and serve in the five-fold ministry, please contact us so that we can help make your visit refreshing.  

Armor Bearer Committee

Our Armor Bearer Committee has a specialized focus on caring for our Pastors. Members of the committee assist the Pastors during each service by accompanying them in and out of the building, providing water and refreshments, and protecting their personal belongings. The committee also coordinates opportunities for the Church to honor our man and woman of God throughout the year through special offerings, events and gifts.

If God is placing it upon your heart to join this committee, please see Pastor Keith Rogan.